Pool Wheelchair Donation

Pool wheelchair available at Loan Closet

Every year the Kaukauna Community Health Associates funds the cost of health gifts to the community. The KCHA distributed nearly $7,000 this year for five scholarships, first aid supplies for all Kaukauna schools, new equipment for the Kaukauna fire and police departments and the Loan Closet at the Kaukauna Recreation Department and books for the Kaukauna Public Library and the Wisconsin Book Project. 

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Above, KCHA members Marian Walsh, Barb Glasheen and Jan Dunham, standing, show Chelsea Gerow, seated in her wheelchair, the new pool wheelchair the organization purchased for the Loan Closet. Below, Chelsea gets ready to try it out. After buckling her in, Mom Tammy Rasmussen adjusts the footrest on the submersible wheelchair on the deck at the Kaukauna pool. Then Rasmussen wheels Chelsea into midriff-deep water and takes her out of the chair so she can float with the aid of a floating bar. When it is time to get out of the pool, Rasmussen reverses the process. According to Rasmussen, the new pool wheelchair is a wonderful piece of equipment which makes it so much easier for her to take her special needs daughter swimming.